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for some reason i feel more HOT FEELINGS to the anime  versión :O hmmm :p i wonder why ¿?!!?¿? oh yeah xD i forgot im  HALF otaku & HALF monkey :-)

im was searching some ecchi anime things or probably porn i dont remember now :-( just check it out ¬.¬ ,no kids please ^-^

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Student Busted for $5 Schoolgirl Sex

Police have arrested a young man who managed to bargain a schoolgirl prostitute down to a fee of “several hundred yen” by taking advantage of the fact she had neglected to bring enough money to pay for her passage home, after she reported him.

Hyogo prefecture police report a “self-proclaimed” 19-year-old university student has been arrested on child prostitution charges after arranging to meet a 16-year-old high school girl at a Kobe park, at which they negotiated a sexual encounter in which the youth paid her “several hundred yen” for sex.

Their association began when the young man began posting on her blog, and soon they were exchanging emails in which the girl agreed to sell herself to him for ¥60,000.

However, when she turned up at the park it transpired she had not brought any money at all, and could not afford her own train fare home. Taking advantage of this fact, her client somehow managed to bargain her down to just enough to cover her fare home.

The incident came to light when the girl shopped her stingy customer to police. He admits the charges. As both a female and a minor (although technically her client is also a minor), she faces no charges.

2ch’s substantial population of prostitution experts do not whether to be envious of the young man and his ruthless negotiating skills, aghast at the collapsing value of the Japanese schoolgirl, or exasperated at a 16-year-old prostitute being able to employ the police as her de facto pimps:

Bleach Anime Ends – “Fuck no!”

Bleach is to finally end – although only the anime version, the manga original still apparently having a few decades left before finally drawing to an end.


The final episode is scheduled for the 27th of March, entitled “Changing History, Unchanging Heart”


well i still have naruto :) i guess ¬.¬

Chinese Thieves Steal Bridge


Thieves who stole a 17.5m long stone bridge one night have finally been arrested, although they sold the bridge on before it could be recovered.

 In November, villagers in the environs of Shanghai reported that the Fengle bridge, a historic 17.5m long stone bridge built in 1907, had disappeared, leaving only two supports standing.

Police eventually solved the mystery when they received a report from someone who had witnessed them dismantling the bridge in September, and had taken down their truck’s registration details.

After tracing the truck’s owner, they were told it had been loaned to the thieves, allowing police to effect the arrest of the two men responsible.

The local police chief says they admit making off with the bridge by cover of night:

“The two men confessed that they used two cranes and two trucks that night to lift and remove the 16 stone pieces that formed the floor of the bridge.”

The stone remains of the bridge were subsequently sold in another province, with the thieves having been paid some 30,000 yuan ($4,700) by a trader to make off with the structure.

A local museum official comments that the area only has 20 bridges left, of the 100 counted a century ago – roads, ruin and theft are cited as causes of this decline. Plans are afoot to rebuild the stolen structure.


Cant Belive this is an browsergame :O diablo 2 cant be compared :)